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The School’s Online Safety Policy reflects the importance it places on the safe use of information systems and electronic communications.

Online Safety encompasses not only Internet technologies but also electronic communications via mobile phones, games consoles and wireless technology. It highlights the need to educate children and young people about the benefits, risks and responsibilities of using information technology.

Online Safety concerns safeguarding children and young people in the digital world.
Online Safety emphasises learning to understand and use new technologies in a positive way.
Online Safety is less about restriction and more about education about the risks as well as the benefits so we can feel confident online.
Online Safety is concerned with supporting children and young people to develop safer online behaviours both in and out of school.


Staff are aware of the Prevent Duty* and their responsibilities to actively protect and safeguard young people from being radicalised or exposed to extremist
We aim to educate and equip young people with the knowledge, skills to think and reflect; to challenge and debate view points and seek to create opportunities to learn about different cultures and faiths. Through this they will gain an understanding of the values we share as a society.
We believe that we can support young people by providing a safe environment for discussing controversial issues, consequently helping them to connect with others and understand how they can influence and participate in decision-making.
We encourage young people to express their views but also to appreciate the impact their views can have on others and to take responsibility for their actions.
In the event of a concern we follow Durham County Council procedures of Notice, Check and Share passing on information to the Police Prevent Team

Prevent Duty
e-safety links

There are many websites with guides and tools on how to be safe when online such as:

Parents/ Carers


Helpline Information


Winstons Wish

An interactive bereavement website designed for children, young people and families.

Telephone: 08452 030405



ChildLine is a private and confidential service for children and young people up to the age of nineteen.

Telephone: 08001111



A Charity that offers support to young children.

For more resources and information click on the button

If you are worried about online sexual abuse or the way someone has communicated with you online click below.

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