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Working From Home


1. Google Classroom

Your child has access to the Meadows Google Classroom.  This is an online classroom where teachers can share work with students for them to complete at home.  You can use google classroom on a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop machine.  If you are using it on a laptop or desktop click on the google classroom link on the school website and sign in.  If you are using it on a mobile device you will have to download and install the app first.  Links are below.


Every Child has a username and password and has received instructions on how to use the system. If your child is finding it difficult to log on please click on the video below.  You can always call or email school for help with logging in.


2. My Maths



The school has subscribed to MyMaths, an interactive Maths website for teaching, learning, revising and enjoying mathematics. Usernames and passwords have been given to pupils. This resource can be used on a variety of devices.  You will need to  log into the Meadows school first.






You will receive an email or  text message with the school password and your child's login and password.

3. English


For English links please click on the underlined links below: 


Year 10 and 11 English Language

Year 10 and 11 English Literature

Year 10 and 11 Media

KS3 English

4. BBC Bitesize


Key Stage 3 is the first three years of secondary school education in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, for pupils aged 11 to 14. Click on the link and you will find a range of subjects from English and Maths to ICT and Science.

Helpful Links

The Meadows Google Classroom

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