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Youth Award


Youth Award Overview

The Youth Achievement Awards are an activity-based approach to peer education. The Awards are designed to help develop more effective participative practice by encouraging young people to progressively take more responsibility in selecting, planning and leading activities that are based on their interests. The peer group model encourages the development of a wide range of life skills through a flexible and informal approach.

Students can work towards a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award each consisting of an increasing amount of challenges, hours of engagement and evidence requirements to complete the challenges


Each challenge consists of the following: 

•    Choosing a challenge.
•    Making a plan and setting personal targets.
•    Creating and collecting evidence towards challenge.
•    Reviewing challenge and personal targets. 


Examples of challenges undertaken have been:


  • Research projects on parks and their uses

  • Learning to ski

  • Learning to horse ride

  • Karting challenge

The Youth Achievement Awards also promote and allow for exposure to ‘The Big 4’ as they enable students to connect with others, manage challenge, think and reflect and take responsibility due to the nature of the challenges involving group work, setting targets, connecting with each other and the wider public as well as evaluating performance.

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