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Physical Education

PE is a compulsory part of the curriculum at The Meadows School, for all years. We offer a broad and balanced programme which meets national curriculum guidelines, and more.  The departments philosophy is to ‘Learn through Play’ which we feel gives the students the best possible opportunity, regardless of ability.

Our aim is to provide, within the curriculum, opportunities to work in numerous different activity areas and sports whilst still allowing a high degree of competency to be acquired in each. Within each activity during lessons we impress upon the students British values of fair play, playing to the rules, respecting each other, the rules or laws of a game and the referee.

We instill the value and rewards of working hard as a team as well as an individual and we encourage tolerance of each other no matter what the differences might be in terms of culture, interests or ability.

Throughout each activity there is a high emphasis placed on the personal development side of PE. Fair-play, sportsmanship, etiquette and teamwork are all integral parts to each lesson as well as the value of maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Personal achievement and progress in PE is always celebrated to the full.

Key Stage 3

In Years 7 and 8 each pupil receives 2 lessons of PE, students in Year 9 receive 3 lessons per week. Within Key Stage 3, students follow a broad programme of activities which includes; football, rugby, badminton, basketball, gymnastics, lacrosse, handball, table tennis, trampolining, ultimate Frisbee, cricket and athletics. Each activity is followed for a half-term at a time (two per half term) and is designed to allow our students to progress in a range of skills including motor, social and tactical skills.


Key Stage 4


Each student in Years 10 and 11 receive 3 lessons of PE, two practical and one theory.  Students follow two pathways: Year 10 students undertake the OCR Entry Level Course and Year 11 students undertake the OCR GCSE PE Course.

In year 10 the students have started the Entry Level Certificate in PE. This course allows students to perform in 3 sports, at least one being individual and one being a team sport.  Students also have to give an analysis in a sport.  This pathway is non exam based.

Year 11 students, have started the OCR GCSE PE which is exam based.  Students take two 1 hour exams covering 4 different topics.  Students have to perform in 4 sports, at least one being individual and one being a team sport.  Students also have to give an analysis in a sport.   

The PE facilities at The Meadows School are superb. We have an indoor sports hall, used for all indoor games and activities, playing fields with a football pitch and athletics track. We also have a state of the art fitness suite which is manned by qualified staff during all social times of the school day.

Our ultimate aim is that within PE students can learn the value of practice and hard work to bring about personal improvements in any form.

All students have the opportunity every day to take part in sports and physical activities in social times during the day. Some of the activities are based in school and some off site.


Duke of Edinburgh

The PE department oversee the organisation and running of the Duke of Edinburgh Award.  We are currently in our second year of running the Bronze Award.  We take 6 students from across years 9, 10 and 11 who take part in 4 sections; Skills, Physical, Voluntary and an Expedition.


Outdoor Education

The PE department oversee the organisation of Outdoor Education within the school.  The school has a number of qualified staff with years of experience in a range of activities including climbing, bush craft, walking and water based activities.

The school also uses Kingsway Adventure Centre based in Middleton in Teasdale who provide us with qualified staff and with equipment to do a variety of activities.

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