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PSHE at The Meadows School.

This is a school where all pupils have a statement of SEN for SEMH. They all began their education in mainstream and have been failed by the standard curriculum.

Many have been identified as “unteachable” or “undesirable” in their previous environment by an ethos and curriculum valuing only academic achievement at the expense of the needs of the whole person. The priority here is to address the holistic needs of each individual pupil so that they become adjusted and successful young people when they leave the school.

Learning and Teaching is a core purpose of The Meadows School.  The school caters for learners with social, emotional and mental health difficulties and aims, to provide effective learning opportunities for all learners; to develop the whole young person and to enable them to become independent and life-long learners, PHSE is at the core of the school ethos and supports the whole school curriculum.

The school ethos is a fundamental cornerstone of PHSE at The Meadows and has been built upon the following three principles: A Sense of Belonging; Progress for all; Additional and Different.

A Sense of Belonging: includes the development of relationships; a place to belong;
the school which is not only a house but a home;

Progress for All includes: personal development; social competence; meeting the individual’s holistic needs; achieving the basic grounding for making choices about the future;

Additional and Different: includes: Additional input in learning and social situations;
A therapeutic environment and specific services; Extracurricular experiences such as day and residential trips; Family groups through vertical tutor groups;


  • We at The Meadows support the statement by the Department for Education in saying -  PSHE education, is: ‘An important and necessary part of all pupils’ education’ It goes on to note that: ‘Schools should seek to use PSHE education to build, where appropriate, on the statutory content already outlined in the national curriculum, the basic school curriculum and in statutory guidance on: drug education, financial education, sex and relationship education (SRE) and the importance of physical activity and diet for a healthy lifestyle.’


A broad range of topics are covered by PSHE. The Meadows have produced a streamlined and robust system related to AQA grading for accreditation to begin in year 7 using a spiral curriculum built upon each year.



From year, 7 to 11 there are 7 main topics



  • Healthy lifestyles Recognising that healthy lifestyles and the wellbeing of self and others depend on Information and making healthy choices.


  • Emotional wellbeing including bullying. Manage own behaviour positive ways of, managing and expressing strong emotions and challenging behaviour.


  • Personal action planning.self-awareness and motivation, setting targets


  • Drugs and alcohol awareness. Legality, drinking outside, underage drinking, Definitions.


  • Pfeg. Why have a bank account, opening a bank account, managing a bank account Explain financial terms and products. credit providers,  the risks of potential lenders, credit card debt,  understand APR, identify problems when using a credit card



  • SRE.  Relationship skills. the benefits and risks of health

and lifestyle choices.


  • Decision- making Personal safety  assess and manage the element of risk in personal choices and situations



There are five accreditation pathways available they are:



  • Entry Level 1

  • Entry Level 2

  • Entry Level 3

  • Level 1

  • Level 2

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