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Key Stage 3 Maths

The aim of our KS3 Maths is to support pupils in moving forward from their starting point and build on the knowledge and skills they have gained prior to joining us, with a view to making progress in line with national expectations and moving towards KS4 accreditation.

Upon entry to school, all pupils complete initial assessments which allow us to identify their starting point in Maths, using KS3 assessment criteria adapted from Pearson’s STEPS as well as assessment descriptors mapped to the KS1 and 2 curriculum. We individualise learning at KS3 and beyond to meet the needs and starting point of each pupils, including those with abilities below their chronological age. As such, we cover content from the KS1 and 2 curriculum where appropriate whilst providing stretch for all pupils and preparation for KS4.

To support pupils’ mathematical development, we also use Maths Facts in a Flash within vertical tutor groups to improve learners’ fluency in Maths, towards Maths Mastery.

Within Maths lessons, we provide a safe environment where pupils can gain confidence and develop their independence and resilience. We celebrate successes in Maths, including through the Meadows Mathis ‘Student of the Month competition’. We provide a range of ways for pupils to access Maths, including through the ICT based MyMaths activities. We have also recently developed Practical Maths to boost engagement and fluency through a fusion of Maths and PE.


At Key Stage 4 we offer a range of accreditations including GCSE, Entry Level Certificate, Unit Awards and Functional Skills where appropriate. Each pupils’ Maths pathway is chosen to best suit their abilities and needs.


GCSE Maths


We offer a 3 year GCSE course from Year 9 to Year 11 following the AQA route map towards the 8300 GCSE. The new grade format is from 9-1 with pupils having the option to sit the Foundation (Grades 1 – 5) or higher (Grades 5-9) paper. Each candidate will sit three papers at the end of year 11, covering content and skills from all three years. We provide targeted intervention for Y11 pupils through our Jump Ahead programme, to support learners with GCSE revision and exam preparation.


Entry Level Certificate


For pupils working at Entry Level, we offer the AQA Entry Level Certificate. Each pupil is required to sit 8 controlled assessments in Year 10 or 11, with an option for up to 2 resits for each, on the topics of: Properties of Number, The four operations (without a calculator), Ratio, Money, The calendar and time, Measures, Geometry and Statistics. The results of these controlled assessments give the student an overall certificate at Entry Level 1, 2 or 3.


Unit Awards


AQA Unit Awards are used within school at both Key Stage 3 and 4. They are used as interventions to provide pupils an opportunity for success, as well as stepping stones towards our ELC and GCSE qualifications.


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