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Key Stage 3 Science

Students follow the Exploring Science scheme of work at KS3, which is designed to match the 2014 science curriculum, and to help prepare students for success at KS4. The following topics are taught during Years 7 to 9:


•    Cells, tissues, organs & systems;
•    Muscles and bones
•    Sexual reproduction in animals
•    Ecosystems
•    Food and digestion
•    Plant growth
•    Breathing and respiration
•    Unicellular organisms
•    Genetics and evolution


•    Mixtures and separation
•    Acids and bases
•    The particle model
•    Combustion
•    The Periodic Table
•    Metals and their uses
•    Rocks
•    Making materials
•    Reactivity


•    Energy and change
•    Electricity
•    Forces
•    Fluids
•    Light
•    Energy transfers
•    The Earth and Space
•    Forces and motion
•    Force fields and electromagnets


Key Stage 4 Science


Students can work towards two qualifications at KS4:

•    Edexcel Entry level certificate in Science – the ELC science specification develops a student’s scientific skills and knowledge and is closely linked to the GCSE Combined Science curriculum. It equips lower level students with transferrable skills for both an educational and career setting. Topics include:

o    Cells, genetics, inheritance and modification
o    Atoms, compounds and states of matter
o    Forces, movement and energy

•    ASDAN Science Short Course - The course accredits up to 60 hours of science studies and activities. It is designed to support learners working towards Science GCSEs, while maintaining their curiosity about the subject. Learners develop their personal and employability skills – as well as their science knowledge and understanding. Modules include:

o    Human Machine
o    Forces and Motion
o    Chemical Change
o    Biological Challenges
o    Space Physics
o    Performance in Sport


British values in science

In science, British values are promoted throughout the curriculum, such as with the development of students’ knowledge of evolution, genetics and inheritance or the role of British scientists in the development of scientific theories such as the discovery of DNA.

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