Science Technology Engineering and Maths


Our KS3 curriculum offer includes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) lessons for Y7 and Y8.  The aim of STEM is to offer engaging activities and allow pupils to access STEM subjects in a curiosity and investigation driven environment.  Within STEM, pupils have the opportunity to access a range of activities which combine aspects of science, technology, engineering and maths, including:


  • Bubble formation – raisins in lemonade and Mentos® in fizzy drinks

  • Gloop – non-Newtonian fluid properties and response on speakers

  • Making ice cream, heat conductance, salt, melting

  • Alien investigation - Fingerprints, verbal descriptions of eye witness account, magnetic slime

  • Making sugar crystals

  • Making bath bombs / Fire hands

  • Electrical circuits investigations – lemon powered circuits, conductive paint

  • Eggsperiments – properties of egg shells, egg in bottle, egg hand crush challenge, walking on eggs

  • Under pressure - water bag with pencils, upside down cup

  • Marshmallow man in vacuum, heated coke can

  • Pancakes – variables, vocabulary, planning, cooking, collecting results, conclusions

  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed chocolate investigation

  • Investigating metals – different coloured flames, sparklers, alkali metals

  • Elephants toothpaste volcano and syrup biscuit tectonic plates

  • Fire snake (sugar, bicarbonate of soda)

  • Balloon propelled rockets

  • Vinegar and baking soda rockets

  • CD hovercrafts

  • Fantastic plastic – including polymer beads in nappies experiment

  • Matchstick rockets, fireworks

  • Crisps science

  • Dyson activities

  • Architecture challenge

  • Bucket tower challenge (straws)

  • Straw roller coasters and marshmallow challenge

  • LEGO® Challenges

  • Engineering hand

  • Egg parachute challenge

  • Building boxes – nets and 3D shapes

  • HexBugs® maze building, races,  time challenge

Fizzy reactions








Gloop – Non-Newtonian Fluid



Bucket Tower Challenge









Fireworks –Flame colours from Metal Salt Solutions








Matchstick Rockets and Sparklers











Under Pressure – Pencil water bag challenge